Nepal Earthquake: Clean Water Initiative

Accompanied by the ongoing development of society, tackling the problem poverty is always cared. Every year, there are still people dying of hungry, especially in African countries.

Because that, charity activities are organized around the globe everyday, nonprofit organizations and NGOs appear more. They bring the help for people at poor land to poverty reduction and make this life is more balance.


There are many forms of charity to do. You can contribute cash, but you can still contribute by little things such as pants, shirts. You can send them to the charity or self-organized a group to bring what you contributed to a difficult region. From the smallest ones, we can make their lives become better. Moreover, you can organize events to call on donate from philanthropists.



I think that education is best way to help poor people to escape from poverty permanently. Educational change is change perceptions, from changing perceptions, they will find more way to escape from poverty. This has been proven in many countries of the world, but not every place can get this lucky. Because that, we need more bigger help  to be able to do that, especially from nonprofit organization or NGOs around the globe. Please join your hands for a better life.


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    June 16, 2019

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